What is a safety razor

Where can I buy a safety razor? Since the man discovered how to remove the hair system on his face, the safety razor blade has continued being used widely. Today we have at our disposal hundreds of multi-blade references. However, it is the safety razor with a blade, which has remained among the most effective blades.

With its precision shaving and sharpness of cut, it has not yet been matched by all modern solutions. The safety razor remains one of a kind in getting rid of facial hair. However, before buying, it is vital to know in detail what is actually this type of instrument.

What is a safety razor?

It is above all an instrument for effectively getting rid of facial hair. It has been used since the first patent filed in 1847 by William S. Henson, and it has consistently produced excellent results. However, it has been popularized and improved by the American King Gillette Camp a few years later.

At the base, only the sharpness of the cut counted, now there is a safety razor for different uses. You can find some to shave close up, of course, but you can also have some to thin a beard or any simple to carve. It is, therefore, essential to understand the fundamental differences before choosing one.

First, you need to know what a safety razor is made of. There is the head that contains the double-edged blade to which the comb is attached. This one can be opened or closed according to the models and the use that you wish to make of it.

The safety razor comes in two forms. At first, we have the butterfly model whose head opens in two to reveal the blade. This makes it easier to replace and clean the tool. Then we find the model with two or three pieces. It is enough to separate the part (or the parts) superior of the handle to be able to change the blade.

In conclusion,

The safety razor blade is an essential piece when trying to trim or get read of the facial hair. It is necessary to research before deciding which is the best blade for excellent results.

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Tips For Buying Men’s Shoes For Yourself

With the new upcoming trends and fashion, there are a lot of good sneakers available on the market. Men used to have only 1 or 2 pairs of shoes but with the increasing trends, one needs to have at least 3 to 4 pairs of shoes. Shoes are one of the most integral parts of a man’s outfit. Shoes need to be of perfect size and good design. Many people do the mistake of buying shoes of different size and end up hurting their foot. There is many best mens sneakers Australia available on the online market. There are many tips you should remember before you buy any type of shoes.


1. Go for the Designer One

There are many designers shoes available for men and you might get confused with so many styles, designs and look available. Designer shoes are a bit expensive, but costly ones ensure that they are comfortable and fit. These types of shoes not only make you feel comfortable but also it makes your attire look good. Most of the costly shoe manufacturers also offer replacements if you are not content with the product.


2. See if it fits

The shape of the feet varies from one person to another. Sneakers, flats, athletic shoes are some of the types of shoes available on the market. The best way to determine is to wear the shoes you have shortlisted and take a few steps. If there is discomfort then you should not consider buying.


3. Select Darker Shoes

One of the most important tips when you are going to buy men’s shoes for yourself, then try to buy shoes with darker shades. Darker shoes suit almost every colors of clothes. Dark colored shoes are the best options when it comes to formal meetings. However, you can buy light colored ones. You can get the best mens sneakers Australia from any good men’s clothing store. There are many online websites where to buy mens sneakers online in Australia.

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How to find a reliable pest inspector- Know the importance

Pest infestation can cause a lot of inconvenience and discomfort for the people living in the household as it can also damage your valuables, belongings and assets. Therefore, it is important that you hire a pest inspector who will help you in finding the source of pest infestation and helping you get rid of the problem. For this you will need to know how to find a reliable pest inspector so that you get the best quality services from these professionals who are expert in this field. When you find it difficult to control pest infestation with preventative measures and practices, you will need to look for professional who will offer valuable service for your home. You need to look for someone who is competent, trained and skilled so that you will get the desired quality of services from the professionals so that you will get complete peace of mind.

When looking for the most reliable pest inspector, you will need to hire someone who is licensed to offer a wide range of services including performing inspections of the building structures and finding the cause of pest infestation. You should hire experienced professionals who will help in determining the possibility of damages caused due to different kind of pests. When you are buying or selling a property, it is crucial that you hire a pest inspector who will conduct a pest inspection so that you will enjoy benefits as a property owner.  Pest issues can also be found when hiring a building inspector adelaide.

A reliable pest inspector will make use of his skills and expertise for making sure that the problem of pest infestation will be resolved at the earliest and he will arrive at the right time for looking into the matter. He will also offer guarantee for the service so that any problem like pest infestation will be dealt with in the most efficient manner by this pest inspector.

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Ultra-Trail Australia Special Event Wrap-Up

The Ultra-Trail Australia Special event at Cafe 2773 Glenbrook was an amazing evening that brought together the race organisers, event sponsors and our amazing runners!

This evening was designed to both serve as an information evening about the event and ultra trail running, but also to allow runners to meet each other, chat with sponsors, get gear and nutrition advice and most of all HAVE FUN!

The evening was began with a wonderful Welcome to Country by close friend of Ultra-Trail Australia, David King. As always David taught us about the land we run through and of course had us all in stitches! Following this, Race Director Tom Landon-Smith spoke a bit about the course and the changes runners can expect in 2016 with the re-branding to ultra-Trail Australia, Some of the changes Tom highlighted were:

• Improvements in the shirts to now have gender specific sizing and early release, allowing runners to train in them.
• Medals for 100km runners who finish between 20-28 hours.
• Finisher Items.
• A 2 day 40 stall event expo to be held at KCC.
• Our 2 new events, the PACE UTA22 and the Scenic World UTA951.

After Tom’s run down, we took a break so that runners could enjoy some of the amazing food put on by Cafe 2773 whilst taste testing some incredible wine from Fox Creek Wines. This was also a time for guests to chat with the team from PACE Athletic about gear, La Sportiva about trail shoes and Wayne from Hammer Nutrition about fuelling for race day! There was also great demo gear from IO Merino, Petzl and BUFF for runners to look at and try on!

Before no time at all it was time to hear from Paul from Fox Creek Wines, who spoke about his amazing products and also shared his own experiences of racing Ultra-trail Australia and his authentic connection to the trail running community. Following Paul we heard from ultra running superstar Brendan Davies. Brendan talked runners through how he trains and races with Hammer Nutrition. Key points Brendan shared:
• Train with product
• Err on the side of less is more with nutrition, over-fuelling causes gut distress
• Manage your electrolytes with products such as Endurolytes
• For runs over 6 hours, consider using a fuel with more than just sugar. Brendan spoke about how he has used Hammer Nutrition Perpetuem in his long ultra’s and why.
• Reference The Endurance Athlete’s Guide to Success by Hammer Nutrition.

After more food, more Fox Creek Wine and more socialising, the night concluded with an amazing presentation from PACE Athletic manager and inspiring ultra runner Olly Woolrych. Olly shared his very person story with depression and how running became a therapy for him and a way to pull himself out of some very dark times. With this new found passion, Olly told us about his amazing journey last year as he ran the entire length of Central America from Mexico City to Panama city to raise awareness about depression and money for Beyond Blue. Olly ran pulling a cart for 5 months covering nearly 6000km’s! His story is truly incredible and so very inspirational. You can chat with Olly in person at Pace Athletic Manly, where he now works as the store manager. You can also read all about his story here.

The night concluded with an amazing lucky door draw that was jam packed with prizes fro our sponsors! Thanks to our sponsors many runners went home with one of these awesome prises:
• La Sportiva Akasha trail shoes
• Gear from PACE Athletic
• $50 IO Merino Vouchers
• 2773 Glenbrook Vouchers
• Fox Creek Wine
• Buffs®
• A Petzl R+ headlamp
• Hammer Nutrition Prize Pack

The evening was a HUGE success, thanks to all who contributed to this! We look forward to many more nights like this in the future.

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Due to the number of people involved with the event, parking will be very limited at Scenic World / KCC so between 3pm Friday and 8am Saturday, you MUST have a UTA Parking Pass to park at the event parking area at KCC Oval. There are not many UTA Parking Passes left available.

Please do whatever you can to limit the number of cars associated with the event at these times, and take advantage of the FREE event shuttle bus service between Katoomba town centre and Scenic World.

All the detail about parking and transport for the event can be found HERE. If you need to purchase a parking pass, you can do so via the event shop.

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It’s a brand new part of the Ultra-Trail Australia family, but some things never change. It was an old- fashioned duel up the dreaded Furber Steps that decided the winner of the first Pace UTA22.

The 22km race across the Jamison Valley from Wentworth Falls to Katoomba attracted a field of nearly 800 runners on a perfect autumn Blue Mountains day, but it was the final kilometre of agonising climb up to the Scenic World finish line that allowed Sydney runner David Byrne to cross the finish line ahead of all of them.

Among the big field were some people content to walk the entire distance. At the other extreme were elite runners, including local champion Brendan Davies, who famously won the UTA 100km in 2013.

For most of the race it was a flying Davies so far out in front that those coming behind couldn’t even see him. Davies, however, didn’t go into the race expecting to win. The 39-year- old was using the UTA22 principally to “get the quads toughened up for road running”. In a fortnight, he’s going to fulfil a long-held dream of competing in the famous Comrades Marathon in South Africa – a 90km road race and the world’s oldest ultra-distance running event.

“I was quite surprised to be alone and in front with 3km to go,” Davies said. “I was starting to have dreams of crossing that finish line in front when I heard the sound of footsteps behind me and David was there. We ran together for about a kilometre and he made his move just before Furber Steps. I thought if I could stay with him up the steps I could get past him but he was always 10m to 20m in front of me. He was just too good.”

Byrne, 35, was amazed to have triumphed over one of his trail running idols. “I honestly didn’t think I would beat him. I got in front of him and we just slogged it out up the stairs. He was behind me all the way up. It was a really tough way to finish. We were just hauling ourselves [using the metal hand rails]. I was on my hands for a bit. It was embarrassing. It was definitely a mind-over- matter situation because I had nothing left.” Byrne finished the race in 1:43:27, with Davies 15 seconds behind.

The first woman across the finish line was 24-year- old Stephanie Auston from Merimbula on theNSW South Coast. Usually a road runner, this was Auston’s first trail running event but won’t be her last after she led the female field most of the way to finish in 2:03:28, almost 10 minutes ahead of second-placed female Lucy Bartholomew. Auston said that while Merimbula has plenty of hills, it has no steps to match Furber, and “I can’t wait for next year to do it again”.

On Thursday afternoon, Davies had competed in another new event, the Scenic World UTA951. It’s a time trial that sees runners climb more than 200m over little more than a kilometre as they slog up all 951 of the Furber Steps. Could that have robbed him of the ability to catch Byrne on the steps in the 22? “It might have cost me a little bit going up the steps, but only a couple of seconds,” Davies said. “I think what probably cost me going up the steps wasn’t yesterday’s race but the 21km before I got to the steps today when I hammered myself. I really enjoyed both races and I wouldn’t change anything.”

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UTA 100km and 50km wrap up!

By Dan Lewis
On his Facebook page just a few days ago, Spaniard Pau Capell posted a message with a photograph of himself out trail running.
“No parare hasta conseguirlo!” it declared. The translation is: “I will not stop until I get it!”

The 24-year-old says the post was about his life goals in general, but it could have just as well applied specifically to Saturday’s Ultra-Trail Australia 100km race in the Blue Mountains.

Although he has only been running ultra-marathons for three years, Capell stormed home to comprehensively defeat a well-credentialed international field of elite athletes in Australia’s biggest and most prestigious trail running event. In his broken English, Capell exclaimed at the Scenic World finish line in Katoomba: “I don’t believe it. This is a dream. I dream about this. I think this was amazing.”

He finished in 9:20:14 ahead of Australia’s Ben Duffus in 9:39:25 and Yun Yanqiao of China in 9:42:09.

Katoomba-based Kiwi Scotty Hawker, who placed sixth in 10:01:13, can claim some of the credit for Capell’s achievement.

The pair share a sponsor in Compressport and after Capell arrived in Australia last Sunday Hawker took him for several training runs out on the course.

Hawker’s performance was also impressive. He came second in last year’s UTA 100 but then had to take a long break from trail running on the advice of fertility specialists to help his wife fall pregnant. This was his first major race since returning to training late last year.

Capell, who calls Barcelona home, turned his win into a political statement, wrapping himself in the flag of Catalonia at the finish line. He explained that while he loves Spain, he passionately believes that his native Catalonia region should be an independent nation.

United States runner Mario Mendoza led the 100km race for the first half from a United Nations of top 10 runners that also featured representatives from South Africa, France, Lithuania, Australia, China and of course Hawker’s New Zealand and Capell’s Spain.

Around the half-way mark of the race a small pursing pack eventually caught Mendoza and went past him, with Capell out in front for the final 42 kilometres as he built up his ultimately winning margin of 19 minutes.

Mendoza pulled out of the race at the Fairmont in Leura, citing stomach problems that started to bite as he descended the Giant Staircase at Katoomba. “My stomach is in knots and I cannot get anything in, there is nothing I can do,” he said.

In the women’s 100km field, it was Aussie, Aussie Aussie in the lead in the early stages thanks to the efforts of Gill Fowler, Beth Cardelli and Amy Lamprecht. Cardelli, who also won the UTA 100 in 2010, 2012 and 2013, went on to claim her third title in a time of 11:16:14 ahead of New Zealand’s Fiona Hayvice.

Saturday’s 100km and 50km UTA races were both sellouts, with each boasting about 1500 runners. On a postcard perfect autumn day, they got to run over some of the iconic features of the Blue Mountains landscape: Narrow Neck, Jamison Valley, Dunphys Camp, the Six Foot Track, Megalong Valley, Kings Tableland, Ironpot Ridge, Kedumba Pass, Giant Staircase, Golden Stairs, Furber Steps, Prince Henry Clifftop Track, Federal Pass, Dardenelles Pass, Tarros Ladder, Valley of the Waters.

Sydney-based Kiwi Mark Green streaked away to climb up the Furber Steps out of the Jamison Valley and win the men’s 50km title by a remarkable 23 minutes. His time of 4:24:30 was less than a minute outside the race record and he was delighted to have achieved his goal of breaking four and a half hours. “It was fun, but it hurt a lot,” Green said. “I kept expecting someone to catch me.”

The remarkable Australian runner Hanny Allston, a world orienteering champion, similarly dominated the women’s 50km field, finishing in 5:08:15 and 17 minutes ahead of second place. Her effort also placed her ninth in the race overall. Allston put in such a big race that she was sobbing in a world of pain after crossing the finish line.

On the Thursday, Green and and his three young children also competed in the new Scenic World UTA951 up the Furber Steps. He proved that taking on the stairs event doesn’t mean you can’t quickly backup to win one of the longer UTA races.

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Ultra-Trail Australia Race Report Competition

The shoes are off and the dust has settled. As the curtain falls on your Ultra-Trail Australia adventure for 2016 you may find yourself filled with a mix of emotions. You have been on a journey that has shaped you, challenged you and made you harness strengths of body and mind, that perhaps you did not know existed. You did it. You toed the line, you gave it your all, and now you reflect.

We will select 2 reports to award from each of the 4 event, UTA100, UTA50, PACE UTA22 and Scenic World UTA951.
The winner of each will receive 1 free race entry to the race for the same event in 2017.
The runner up will receive a prize from our sponsors.



The “Ultra-Trail Australia Race Report Contest” is sponsored by AROC Sport. This contest is governed by these official rules:

The entrant/writer must have competed in one of the following events in 2016:
* Scenic World UTA951
* PACE Athletic UTA22
* UTA50
* UTA100

Your race report must be based on true events. Race reports must be no longer than 650 words and all submissions may be published at the discretion of the sponsor.

By participating in the contest, each entrant agrees to abide by these Official Rules, including all eligibility requirements, and understands that the results of the contest, as determined by the sponsor and its agents, are final in all respects. The contest is subject to all federal, state and local laws and regulations and is void where prohibited by law.

This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. Any questions, comments or complaints regarding the promotion will be directed to Sponsor, not Facebook.

The Contest is open to legal residents of their respective countries where not prohibited by law, who are eighteen (18) years of age or older at the time of entry who have Internet access and a valid e-mail account prior to the beginning of the Contest Period. Sponsor has the right to verify the eligibility of each entrant.

You can enter the “Ultra-Trail Australia Race Report Contest” by emailing your submission to comps@ultratrailaustralia.com.au. You can find the details on the pinned post on the top of the Facebook Page. Entrants must meet the contest requirements to participate in the contest.
Only one race report per person may be submitted.

All eligible entries received during the Submission Period will gathered into a database at the end of the Submission Period. A winner will be chosen by the sponsor.

The winners will be announced on or about May 31, 2016 on or about noon EST. Announcement and instructions for prize will be sent to the e-mail address supplied on the potential prize winner’s entry form. Each entrant is responsible for monitoring his/her e-mail account for prize notification and receipt or other communications related to this competition.

If a potential prize winner cannot be reached by Ultra-Trail Australia within fifteen (15) days, using the contact information provided at the time of entry, or if the prize is returned as undeliverable, that potential prize winner shall forfeit the prize. Prizes may not be awarded if an insufficient number of eligible entries are received.

We will select 2 reports to award from each of the 4 event, UTA100, UTA50, PACE UTA22 and Scenic World UTA951. The winner of each will receive 1 free race entry to the race for the same event in 2017. The runner up will receive a prize from our sponsors.

Prize is non-transferable. No substitution or cash equivalent of prizes is permitted. Sponsor and its respective parent, affiliate and subsidiary companies, agents, and representatives are not responsible for any typographical or other errors in the offer or administration of the Competition, including, but not limited to, errors in any printing or posting or these Official Rules, the selection and announcement of any winner, or the distribution of any prize. Any attempt to damage the content or operation of this Competition is unlawful and subject to possible legal action by Sponsor. Sponsor reserves the right to terminate, suspend or amend the Competition, without notice, and for any reason, including, without limitation, if Sponsor determines that the Competition cannot be conducted as planned or should a virus, bug, tampering or unauthorized intervention, technical failure or other cause beyond Sponsor’s control corrupt the administration, security, fairness, integrity or proper play of the Competition. In the event any tampering or unauthorized intervention may have occurred, Sponsor reserves the right to void suspect entries at issue. Sponsor and its respective parent, affiliate and subsidiary companies, agents, and representatives, and any telephone network or service providers, are not responsible for incorrect or inaccurate transcription of entry information, or for any human error, technical malfunction, lost or delayed data transmission, omission, interruption, deletion, line failure or malfunction of any telephone network, computer equipment or software, the inability to access any website or online service or any other error, human or otherwise.


By participating, each entrant grants Sponsor permission to use his/her name, likeness or comments for publicity purposes without payment of additional consideration, except where prohibited by law. Any report submitted for consideration may be published at the discretion of the sponsor.

This competition is sponsored by:

Any questions regarding this Competition should be directed to Jo Brischetto at jo@arocsport.com.au

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