Tips on How to Buy Genuine Fabric in Australia

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Imagine receiving your new dress only to find out that it’s made of polyester rather than silk. Sometimes, what you’re told is really just isn’t. So how can you be sure that the fabric you are buying is genuine? This article will provide some tips on how to buy fabric online which ensures that you are getting what you paid for.

1) Ensure that the fabric is from a reputable wholesale company

A lot of companies sell wholesale fabric but not all of them are trustworthy. It’s important to find out who actually makes the product you’re buying, as well as their track record for selling genuine products. If you buy your fabric from a reliable and established manufacturer or supplier, then it’s more likely to be real, as they usually make high-quality products and wouldn’t risk their reputation by selling faulty fabric.

2) Look out for the size of the bolt you are buying

When you’re ordering wholesale fabric in Australia, it’s important to check how much you will actually get for your money. This is why it’s a good idea to order your fabric from a manufacturer who offers the size of the bolt that you are buying. This way, you can be sure that all of your fabric is genuine and not cut off-cuts or short ends.

3) Check how much it costs per meter

It’s also important to check exactly how much you will pay for 1 meter of the fabric that you want to buy. Some companies charge too much for their wholesale fabric and this is a sign that they might be cutting corners and selling you fake material. For example, if 1 meter of silk costs $100, then it’s probably better to go with another supplier who sells the same amount for less than $50 per meter.

4) Look for a money-back guarantee

If a company does not offer a money-back guarantee, then you can be almost certain that they are selling fake material. Reputable companies will offer guarantees as it’s in their own interest to give customers exactly what they pay for.

If you are looking at where to buy Tilda fabric in Australia, keep these tips in mind. They will help you find a supplier that is genuine and reliable, and that offers top-quality wholesale fabric in Australia.

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